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About Kristof

Kristof Van Assche

I am interested in evolution and innovation in governance with focus areas in spatial planning and design, development and environmental policy. I have worked in various countries, often combining fieldwork with theoretical reflection: systems theories, interpretive policy analysis, institutional economics and post- structuralism.

My work spans several geographical regions: Europe, the America’s, Central Asia and the Caucasus and Africa. Many lines of my research, both empirical and theoretical, come together in what we call Evolutionary Governance Theory [EGT], a product of a collective effort in several countries. In research, teaching and also in more applied and advisory work I try to maintain and develop inter- and trans- disciplinary perspectives which are sensitive to diverse kinds of knowledge and focus on the issues at stake. By placing EGT in socio- ecological  contexts, our work contributes to discussions on transition, sustainability, adaptation and innovation.


Editorial Boards

  • Planning Theory [Sage; ISI]

  • Ocean and Coastal Management 

  • Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning [Taylor & Francis;ISI]

  • Politics & governance [Cogitatio; ISI]

  • Urban Planning [Cogitatio; ESCI & Scopus]

  • Acta Scientiarum Polonorum [Polish Academy of Sciences, Environmental Sciences; ESCI & Scopus] 

  • Sustainability [Mdpi; ISI]

  • World [Mdpi; new]

  • Research in Globalization [Elsevier; new]

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