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Community Development

Communities differ. They can invent their own recipe for success and learn from others, yet they can’t copy solutions from other places. Development has to be localized and contextualized, and the way forward has to be agreed upon and defined in the community itself. What counts as an asset can shift quickly and taking care of things is a good insurance policy against later headaches, later realizations that assets just disappeared. Development is not necessarily growth, and quantity in assets is not necessarily quality. 

These are some books on community development.

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Perez-Sindin, X., & Van Assche, K. (2020). From coal not to ashes but to what? As Pontes, social memory and the concentration problem. The Extractive Industries and Society.

Van Assche, K., Deacon, L., Gruzmacher, M., Jones, Granzow, M.,K., Lavoie, S., Hallstrom, L., Summers, B., Parkins, J. (2017) Boom & Bust. Local strategy for big events. A community survival guide to turbulent times. (Groningen: InPlanning/Aesop). 

Van Assche, K., Beunen, R., & Duineveld, M. (2016). Citizens, Leaders and the Common Good in a world of Necessity and Scarcity: Machiavelli’s Lessons for Community-Based Natural Resource Management. Ethics, Policy & Environment, 19(1), 19-36.

Van Assche, K., Lo, M., Beunen, R. (2012) ‘A perspective on planning, smart growth and place branding’, in F. Go, M. Govers (Eds.) International Place Branding Yearbook 2012. Managing Smart Growth and Sustainability (Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan), pp. 69-80.

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