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reinvention route

The Route to Reinvention
Sustainability Council University of Alberta

In this lecture from March 31, 2021, professor Kristof Van Assche shows how communities in Alberta and elsewhere can radically transform in the face of the climate crisis. With local deliberation and contextualization, communities are deciding to pursue strategies of either resilience, transition, reinvention or abandoning ship. 

Despite attempts by policy makers and planners, there is always a discrepancy between what is laid out on paper and what is translated into reality. While the unrealistic expectations of this technical rational approach are, perhaps, old news for planners, how to actually cope with such effects, leaves much to be learned. 

Kristof Van Assche
reinvention Newfoundland

Dr. Kristof Van Assche and his team, from the University of Alberta, will discuss opportunities and obstacles for community and examine how communities can draw on their own local strengths and assets to tailor a solution to build a path forward.

City view

Governance is a key-concept in the pathway to a sustainable future of our planet.  All major issues;  sustainable urban development, food security, the conservation of biodiversity, rural development or dealing with the effects of climate change, require interventions that will dramatically change the way in which we organize our societies. Dealing with these challenges requires  use to rethink the ways in which societies and environments are governed.