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CFP | Luhmann Conference 2021 | Risks and Pathologies. Observed with Social Systems Theory

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Dates: 14-17 September 2021

Systemic risk in Newfoundland: how difficult is a 'reset'?

The 'Big Reset' draws on the 'Great Reset' thinking espoused by the World Economic Forum, and is optimistic about a strategy to get out of debt in ca 5 years, by cutting, by institutional redesign, by selective investment in green futures after maximizing the income from traditional resources, ie oil, gas, minerals. The Muskrat falls report sketches a more bleak picture, not directly of the future, but of how things worked and work in the province (and what led to the massive blunders of the previous hydro project, Churchill Falls, how it led to the new massive blunder of Muskrat Falls)

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